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Electrocardiogram (ECG)

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Electrocardiogram - Decoding Your Heart's Rhythm

The Electrocardiogram (ECG) - a non-invasive marvel in cardiac diagnostics. This straightforward procedure involves placing electrodes on your chest, legs, and arms, capturing your heart's intricate electrical activity. The collected data is then translated by a computer into a wave pattern, painting a picture of your heart's rhythm that your doctor can interpret with precision.

Taking less than ten minutes, the ECG test delivers valuable insights about your heart rhythm. This information empowers your doctor to analyse the pattern, unveiling potential heart-related concerns.

At Dr Karthigesan's clinic, every ECG is more than just a diagnostic test. It's a window into the workings of your heart, providing actionable insights that guide your heart care journey. Experience the blend of high-tech diagnostic tools and expert interpretation at Dr Karthigesan's clinic, your trusted partner for comprehensive cardiac care.

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Conditions Detected Using an ECG

Dr Karthigesan may recommend an ECG to:

  • Detect irregular heart rhythms, known as arrhythmias.
  • Identify blocked or narrowed arteries in the heart, often linked to coronary artery disease, which could be causing chest pain or triggering a heart attack.
  • Diagnose damage to the heart or ascertain the presence of  heart failure.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of specific heart disease treatments, such as the functioning of a pacemaker.

The ECG Test - What to Expect

There is no special preparation to be done before your ECG test.

  • You'll comfortably lie down in a hospital bed.
  • Electrodes will be meticulously attached to your arms and chest.
  • You'll be requested to lie still and maintain normal breathing.
  • These electrodes will capture and record your heart's electrical activity.
  • The electrocardiograph will project this activity on a monitor, also recording it on paper for thorough analysis.
  • The recorded activity is evaluated to determine whether it reflects a normal or irregular pattern.
  • The entire test process takes just a few minutes.

Post-procedure, no special care is typically required after an electrocardiogram (ECG). However, your doctor may provide additional instructions depending on your specific situation.

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Understand Your
Heart’s Rhythm
Chart your course to a healthier heart with an ECG at Dr Karthigesan's Clinic. With a procedure that's as simple as it is insightful, understanding your heart's rhythm has never been easier.
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