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Revolutionizing Heart Care: Dr. Karthigesan Explores Electrophysiology Frontiers
Unraveling Atrial Fibrillation: A Comprehensive Guide with Dr. Karthigesan
Revolutionizing AFib Treatment: Dr. Karthigesan's Expertise with Cryo Balloon Ablation
Fast Heartbeat Unraveled: Dr. Karthigesan's Insights and RFA Transformations
When the Beat Skips: Dr. Karthigesan's Guidance on Addressing Missed Heartbeats
Syncing the Beat: Dr. Karthigesan Explores Slow Heartbeat and the Role of Pacemakers
SVT Ablation Chronicles: Dr. Karthigesan's Journey to Reclaiming Cardiac Harmony
Atrial Fibrillation & RFA - Dr AM Karthigesan
Fast heart beat & RFA - Dr AM Karthigesan
Slow heart beat & Pacemaker - Dr AM Karthigesan
Post Discharge Care Tips for Covid 19 Patients
Precision in Every Beat: Dr. Karthigesan's Wisdom on His Bundle Pacing for Heart Health
The Gentle Pulse: Dr. Karthigesan Explores the World of Slow Heartbeats
Beyond the Freeze: Dr. Karthigesan Discusses the Recipients of Cryoballoon Advancements
A New Rhythm: Dr. Karthigesan about the treatment of Atrial Fibrillation
Freezing the Future: Dr. Karthigesan Dives into the World of Cryoballoon Technology
Pulse Awareness: Dr. Karthigesan Guides You to 'Know Your Pulse'
Dr. Karthigesan Breaks Down the Basics of this Cryoballoon Ablation
Palpitation Panorama: Dr. Karthigesan Advises on Dealing with Frequent Heart Flutters
Dr. Karthigesan Explores the Significance of a Fast Beating Heart
Dr. Karthigesan's Insights on Understanding Atrial Fibrillation
How to escape from a sudden heart attack | Doctoridam Kelungal
Dr. Karthigesan's Sun News Interview on Palpitations, Electrophysiology & much more
What is Electrophysiology | Sun TV - Nalam Tharum Maruthuvam
Facebook Live session on Heart Beat Rhythm Disorder
Dr. Karthigesan discusses various pacemaker types, highlighting AV Micra Innovations
Dr. Karthigesan Unveils AV Micra Breakthroughs and Diverse Pacing Technologies
Exploring Leadless Pacemakers and the Evolution in Cardiac Pacing
3D Mapping Smart touch technology - RF Catheter Ablation
Chennai Press News - First in India: Apollo Hospitals successfully completed Laser Assisted Removal of Infected Pacemaker
B4U Media - In an effort to save patients from pacemaker infection and enhance post-Pacemaker cardio care
Focus News - Apollo Hospitals performs novel interventional procedures to save Four patients Atrial Fibrillation
BG News1 - LIVE Appollo Hospitals brings Cyyo Balloon Ablation technology Press Conference
DT News Online - அப்போலோ மருத்துவமனை இண்டர்வென்ஷனல் முறையில் லேசர் 72 வயது நோயாளிக்கு சிகிச்சை அளித்திருக்கிறது
BG News1 - அப்போலோ மருத்துவமனை Atrial Fibrillation பாதிக்கப்பட்ட 4 நோயாளிகளைக் க்ரையோ பலூன் அப்லேஷன் சிகிச்சை
Dr. Karthigesan explores CryoBalloon Ablation for Heart Health
Restoring Rhythm with Dr. Karthigesan's Atrial Fibrillation Treatment Insights
Dr. Karthigesan Explores the Latest in Atrial Fibrillation Treatment
A Comprehensive Exploration of Cryoballoon & RF Ablation for Atrial Fibrillation
A Journey to Relief: Dr. Karthigesan's Exploration of Cryoballoon & RF Ablation for AFib
Patient Testimonial - Geetha from Tirupathi
Heartfelt Testimony: Dr. Karthigesan shares a Paediatric Arrhythmia success story
Patient Testimonial - Chennai
Inspiring Wellness: Dr. Karthigesan's Guiding Hand in Cryoballoon Ablation Success Story
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