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External Loop Recorder (ELR)

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Event Loop Recorder (ELR) ‑ An Overview

An ELR or event loop recorder is a device used to record your heart rhythm. Unlike an ECG, which can record your heart rate for a limited time, an ELR can record arrhythmias occurring periodically.

If your heart condition needs additional monitoring or analysis, Dr. Karthigesan may recommend wearing it for several days or weeks to rule out doubts. It can be worn underneath your clothes. As a Senior Consultant Cardiologist at Apollo Hospitals, Chennai, Dr. Karthigesan has treated hundreds of patients with various cardiac ailments.

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Conditions  Diagnosed

An event loop recorder is a simple, painless, and non-invasive procedure that helps in diagnosing:

  • Recurrent syncope
  • Recurrent loss of consciousness
  • Recurrent brain stroke (suspected Atrial fibrillation)
  • History of cardiac arrest
  • History of recurrent palpitations
  • Any other symptoms that warrant heart rhythm monitoring

What to Expect With ELR Test

  • Talk to your doctor about your proximity to electrical appliances on a daily basis.
  • Proximity to high-voltage electrical wires, strong magnets, metal detectors, and electrical appliances may impact your ELR test results.
  • Avoid smoking and usage of other tobacco products so that it does not affect the monitor reading.
  • Dr. Karthigesan may ask you to wear the battery-operated recorder for a week or a month.
  • You can continue your routine activities as the device measures and records your ECG for the required period.
  • If required, you can hide the device wires and electrodes beneath your clothes and wear the recording device on your belt strap.
  • Press the record button when you feel symptoms so the ELR records and stores your ECR.
  • The sticky patches/electrodes on your chest allow the device to continuously scan your heart’s electrical activity.
  • Wear the device throughout the day and night to allow the device to record and store your abnormal electrical activity. This will help in the final diagnosis.
  • In case of any abnormal life-threatening electrical activity, it will be shared with Dr. Karthigesan immediately through email.
  • Dr. Karthigesan will recommend the next treatment methods to be taken based on the test results.
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