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Electrophysiology Study

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Electrophysiology Test: Your Gateway to Healthy Heart

An electrophysiology study is a sophisticated, albeit minimally invasive, examination technique designed to intricately evaluate the electrical signals coursing through your heart. Renowned for its safety and precision, an EP study empowers you to probe your heart's rhythm in a regulated environment to diagnose specific conditions accurately.

The heart's ingenious electrical system generates impulses that masterfully orchestrate each heartbeat. In an EP study, Dr. Karthigesan traces these signals' journey through every beat, crafting a comprehensive map of your heart's electrical communication. The rationale behind recommending an EP study can vary greatly, tailored to each patient's unique needs and circumstances.

Choosing Dr. Karthigesan's Clinic in Chennai ensures you're placing your heart health in expert hands. Combining advanced technology with years of clinical experience, Dr. Karthigesan stands at the forefront of cardiac care. Trust your heartbeat to us and feel the difference!

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EP Study: Conditions Diagnosed

Electrophysiology (EP) studies hold the key to diagnosing myriad cardiac rhythm abnormalities, particularly in patients experiencing palpitations or unexplained loss of consciousness. This sophisticated approach also aids in discerning the most effective treatment strategy. You might be an ideal candidate for an EP study if:

  • You are grappling with an irregular heart rhythm, such as SVT (supraventricular tachycardia).
  • You've experienced a sudden loss of consciousness, often referred to as fainting or syncope.
  • You are identified as at risk for sudden cardiac arrest.
  • You require cardiac ablation.

EP studies equip Dr. Karthigesan, our EP specialist, with the precision and data to pinpoint the exact location of your arrhythmia. The identified condition can often be rectified in the same session using RF Ablation - streamlining your path to improved heart health.

What to Expect: Before, During, & After the EP Study

  • Abstain from eating or drinking before 2 hrs on the day of the procedure
  • If you're on medications, consult your doctor to ascertain if you should continue them before the test.
  • One or more slim, flexible wires known as catheters to be inserted into a blood vessel, usually via the groin. These are then navigated into the heart.
  • Each catheter is equipped with multiple electrodes to measure the heart's electrical signals as they transition between chambers.
  • The EP study is typically performed under local anaesthesia, supplemented with a sedative administered through your IV to ensure your comfort.
  • Your doctor will leverage an array of monitors throughout the procedure to continuously check your heart rhythm and blood pressure, including:
    • Fluoroscopy
    • Electrocardiogram (ECG)
    • Defibrillator/Pacemaker/Cardioverter
    • Oximeter monitor
    • Blood pressure monitor
  • The EP study duration ranges from one to four hours, possibly extending if it includes cardiac ablation.
  • Plan to rest in bed for one to three hours post-procedure, keeping your leg as still and straight as possible.
  • A small sterile dressing will be applied, which you can remove the following day without needing stitches.
  • Ensure the area remains clean and dry.
  • Depending on your preliminary test results, an overnight hospital stay may be necessary.
  • Resume eating and taking medication four to six hours post-procedure.
  • Your doctor may provide additional instructions after the test based on your specific situation.
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