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Pacemaker and Device Checkup

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Pacemaker & Device Checkup - An Overview

A pacemaker is a small electrical device implanted in the chest to regulate heart arrhythmias. At Dr Karthigesan Clinic, we offer pacemaker checkups to ensure your device functions perfectly. We evaluate pacemakers and defibrillators for cardiac patients who have undergone device implantation. We recommend a thorough pacemaker checkup 4 weeks post-implantation and a checkup once in 6 months to assess its function.

These regular assessments offer crucial insights into both your heart's rhythm and the effectiveness of your implanted device. By proactively scheduling these appointments, you're actively enhancing your comfort and overall well-being. Rest assured; our cutting-edge facilities are dedicated to maintaining your pacemaker in optimal working condition, ensuring you experience life to the fullest.

A vector illustration of an implanted pacemaker.
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Image of a cardiac pacemaker with catheters.
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Pacemaker Checkup: What is Evaluated?

You must undergo regular checkups once you have had pacemaker implantation. It gives Dr Karthigesan an opportunity to evaluate its functionality and battery life and make adjustments if necessary. He will tell you how often you must have it checked and determine if the device detected or treated any abnormal heart rhythms.

A pacemaker’s battery may last for nearly eight or ten years, after which it is absolutely necessary to replace the old battery with a new one to keep the device functioning. This is one of the main reasons all patients with pacemaker devices (ICD / CRT-D) must have a regular checkup with an experienced Cardiac Electrophysiologist like Dr Karthigesan every six months.

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Pacemaker Checkup: The Process

  • Your doctor will ask you to sit on a recliner. The pacemaker is checked with a small device called programmer fitted with a wand.
  • The wand is directly placed over the pacemaker. Using the programmer, your doctor can evaluate your pacemaker status and make adjustments if necessary.
  • During the procedure, you may experience slow or fast heartbeats. Although this is normal, you must report all your symptoms to your doctor.
  • During a checkup, the Programmer reads the information in the pulse generator's memory based on your last visit. This procedure is completely painless and lasts only a few minutes.
  • It is recommended that all patients with pacemakers carry a card with them at all times, which states the type of pacemaker or defibrillator implanted. This card will be extremely useful in case of an emergency.
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